Our interim management services are based on actual working days on assignment.

  • Minimum period of assignment : 3 months
  • Payment : Monthly in advanced
  • Monthly rate : From US$ 5,000.- to US$ 50,000.- . The exact amount depends on the required IM’s competency level and duration & location of the assignment.
  • Excluding VAT
  • Excluding out of pocket expenses (OPE)
  • OPE will be charged at actual expenses

Above amounts can be revised upwards or downwards depending on:

  • Challenges of the role
  • Level of responsibility

Invoices will be sent monthly showing, persons-hours, fees and OPE disbursements payable for the month in question.

Invoices are due within 7 days after the date of invoice.

A down payment on future billings will be payable prior to the commencement of the assignment.

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